There are quite a lot of internet marketers who think 'About Us' page is a mere placeholder. That, however, is certainly not the case. Ask any reputed SEO service providers like, and they will reveal that an 'About Us' page is the perfect piece of content to support your SEO initiatives. An SEO-optimized 'About Us' page not only can bring you organic visitors, but may also give you the conversion boost that you are always looking for.Let's find out 4 proven tips to improve the organic visibility of your business website through the 'About Us' page.
1. Utilize Keywords in Title/Meta Description
Be creative with your page title. A simple 'About Us' sounds not only boring, but it is also a disaster from the SEO perspective. For best results, it is suggested that you should use your keywords in the title itself. If it doesn't work out due to aesthetic reasons, you can always use the meta descriptions to include the desired keywords. It will help search engines to readily identify with the theme of your business.
2. Include Your Geo Location
Many of today's online businesses are location specific. If you are targeting the users from a particular city/town/state, then 'About Us' page gives you the right opportunity to mention the same and get noticed. It's a must-do SEO activity to rank higher in localized search results. 
3. Link Your Internal Pages:
Creating inbound links from 'About Us' page to your services/products/offerings pages can be yet another master-stroke. You may also direct your visitors to user testimonials and reviews to showcase your achievements. This tactic would also help to improve the 'Page Authority' of your website.
4. Use Media Files:
'About Us' page may not necessarily include only boring texts. You can always spice things up by including image, infographic and video files to make it visually more appealing to the readers. It can also improve your SEO score at the same time if you include keywords/tags in the file names and meta descriptions. Users doing media search with your targeted keywords will land up on your page to boost up your organic traffic.
'About Us' page can be a potential magnet to attract visitors from search engines - which can in turn bring you new business leads. Creating an authoritative, SEO-friendly 'About Us' page may need quite a bit of effort, but considering the huge potential, the ROI is equally high and completely worth it.