Epic Rentals - Bay of Islands is just one of the many car rental services in Kerikeri. All car rental services claim to be the very best and choosing one that will suit your needs may not be an easy task. Here we share a few tips on choosing the right car rental service for your stay in Northland, New Zealand.

Decide on the car you want

Are you on a tight budget or do you want a luxurious car that will ensure you are comfortable as you move around New Zealand? The money is one of the important considerations on the car to rent but it is not the only determinant. Personal preferences also play a major role. With all factors in mind, choose the kind of car you want and check to see if the car rental service you want to use has it. A good car rental service will have many cars to choose from which makes it easy to find a model you will love.

Convenience and flexibility

Car rental services that are flexible and provide convenient services are perfect. Check if the company allows online bookings which are convenient and make it easy to plan your trip before starting it. What about flexibility? The service should be flexible in that they can make slight changes to accommodate your needs. Finding a company that will pick you up as soon as you land at the Kerikeri international airport will save you time and stress. If you need a driver, finding a rental service that can provide a driver will help you. The paperwork should be easy and fast without any complications.
However, always ensure that you read everything before signing. 


What do others have to say about the car rental service? Look for online reviews of the company and only choose a company that has a positive reputation. This way you can be sure that you are in good hands. If many people had a bad experience with the company, it is a sure sign that you should stay away from them.